Metal Detecting in South Africa

Metal Detectorist services in South Africa.
Have you lost a wedding ring, engagement ring, an expensive Jewelry piece or another item of value which you want recovered?
Do you know of a hidden buried treasure in South Africa?
Are you looking for a metal detector in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Joburg, Gauteng, Durban or Mpumalanga?
TreasureHunting.co.za offers affordable and results driven metal detecting services in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Mpumalanga and across South Africa.
Whether you have lost your wedding ring on the beach in Cape Town or in the bush in the Kruger National Park we have detectorists all over South Africa armed with the latest in metal detector technology to help you recover your lost item.
For us to consider your case we will need to know what the item is that you have lost, a good idea of where the item was lost and the value of the said item.
Contact us now to make use of our metal detecting services in Cape Town, Durban, Joburg and Mpumalanga.
We will help you find it!
We make sure all our detectorists are suitably qualified and make use of the correct metal detecting equipment needed to find and recover your lost item.
To view what different metal detectors we have for sale please see the metal detector shop tab to buy a metal detector in South Africa or click here.
Call us today or make use of the contact form below to get in touch.
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Look forward to hearing from you. Good luck and happy hunting!

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