Beach Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting on South African Beaches

You live close to the beach.

You’ve just bought a metal detector.

You dream of finding a nice gold diamond ring on the beach.

Yip, dream on haha.

While you may very well find a diamond ring on the beach, what most newbie metal detectorists do not realise is that before you find anything of value you are going to find uncountable amounts of pull tabs, bottle tops, tent pegs, sinkers, condom wrappers and every other kind of foil you can think of!

Now I don’t want you to think I am a pessimist but I just want to alert you to the reality of metal detecting on the beach in South Africa.

It’s not all gold rings, silver necklaces and diamond earrings.

Having grown up close to the sea I always new the ocean had a lot of rubbish in it but it was only after I started metal detecting that I began to realise how much dangerous rubbish there is in the ocean.

From rusted worn tent pegs sharp as knives to broken down aluminium cans that could slice a toe off – our ocean is in a alarming state of decay.

Now I know you can discriminate on your metal detector if you were in a financial position to buy a mid level entry machine but by discriminating you do run the chances of discriminating out valuable objects in the process.

Personally I dig everything!

This way not only do I make sure I’m not missing anything but I also do a small part in cleaning up the rubbish at my local beach in the hopes that I’m helping someone avoid a nasty injury further down the line.

The nice thing about metal detecting on the beach is that the sand is constantly moving with the tides and just because someone else detected there today does not mean the beach is all cleaned out. The next day the sand may be 10cm lower and now the ring, or pulltab, buried there is now within detection range.

A good time to hunt for treasure on a South African beach is at low tide and also anytime after a storm when the sand has been thrown around.

What I enjoy most about metal detecting on the beach is that you never know what you are going to find.

Something else worth considering before buying a metal detector in South Africa to use on a beach is to take into account that not all metal detectors work well on a salty wet beach because of the high mineralization of the salt content.

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