Metal Detecting Shop

Metal Detector Shop

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to buy a metal detector.

Unfortunately I only got around to exploring this hobby 25 years later. But rather late than never! Since I purchased my first metal detector in 2014 from a metal detecting company in South Africa I have really started to “dig” treasure hunting!

Not only is it rewarding, but it’s also good exercise and a fun way to make new friends and go on exciting adventures to dig up history.

Are you wanting to buy a metal detector online in South Africa?

We work with accredited and well known agents like Minelab and Garrett metal detectors. Both these brands have built up a reputation for quality metal detecting machines. And these metal detectors are for sale in South Africa. Whether you want to buy a metal detector for inland hunting or an under water diving machine and even gold metal detecting prospecting machines if you’re hunting for gold nuggets we can help you!

Excellent prices and unbeatable service from an accredited agent.

We have extensive experience in metal detecting in South Africa so contact us I you need any advice.

Are you wanting to buy a metal detector to treasure hunt for the lost Kruger millions? Perhaps you want to purchase a metal detecting machine to search for old coins? Whatever the reason, you cannot go wrong with buying a quality metal detector from Minelab or Garrett metal detectors.

Hundreds of people across South Africa have bought metal detectors from us and our enjoying the adventure of this fun hobby.

If you are looking for metal detector companies in South Africa you need look no further. Visit our partner metal detector shop now to buy your metal detector online today. We offer a range of metal detectors for sale from entry level machines to the very best and latest technology machines.

Order today and in 2-3 business days you’ll be enjoying your new machine and finding that treasure! Good luck and happy hunting!




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  1. Please send price list for beach waterproof detectors

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