Treasure and Relic Hunting

South African Treasure and Relic Hunting.

Do you own a property or an old farm in South Africa that has a rich history?

Do you want to recover any items that were lost over time on your property for marketing, decor or historical purposes?

Are you wanting to recover old boer war items that were lost and have been buried for over a hundred years?

We offer excellent and professional metal detecting services to join in your treasure hunting adventure in South Africa.

We offer a standard contract where we offer to come to your property and hunt for relics at no cost to you the landowner.

We will split the profit of the finds with you the landowner at no cost to you.

Contact us today to recover important relics and artefacts which may lie buried on your property, often at times, right under your feet so to speak.

Ralph 081 411 5496

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